Into extreme Sports?? No?

  • Okay...How about extreme art?

Then Plein Air painting, pastel or watercolor may be something you should try.

It is quite simply the most challenging and rewarding way to improve your skills as an artist. It seems more people are realizing this all the time and is one of the reasons the Alamo Danville Artists Society is sponsoring their 3rd annual "paint out" during the Prima Vera Show in the first weekend of May.

The masters throughout the ages have consistently taught that we must "work from life".

For landscapes, there is no better place to study than outdoors, on location "en plein air" as the French say. Photographs obscure some of the most critical aspects of scenery by darkening shadows and not revealing the complexity of the cool variations of color that reside within. These must be revealed in our art for realism and interest.

Artists line the sidewalks in "Old Tucson" during PACE 2016

Desert Highway 11x14

Want to join the fun?

Contact me at 925-683-0026 for lessons - Plein air painting is my SPECIALTY!