Paint the adirondacks!

May 2017

Another great adventure from B. Eric Rhoads and his dynamic team at Streamline Publishing!

Started by flying into Boston, MA where I spent the night with a good friend who moved here recently from California. Took a puddle-jumper from Boston into Saranac Lake the next day where I had the joy of being picked up at the airport by my dear friend who sponsors these sorts of things.

After helping set up the signs for people to find the place I settled into my dorm room at the Paul Smith College.

That night we all met in the large room over the cafeteria (and next to the bar :o) for the event kick-off. Here I was able to hook up with some of my art friends, not the least of which was, Roger Rossi (AKA the ambassador) of New York City and Susan Nicholas-Gephart from Pennsylvania.

Starting first thing after breakfast the next morning we were off to paint at a local park that featured enough mosquitos to carry off a small dog. This was when I learned about wet, East coast summers and the creatures who love them. In this environment I'm pretty sure I heard them laughing to see me show up in short sleeves and pants expecting that insect repellent would save me. It did not. I spent the rest of the week dressing "appropriately", long sleeves and pants, and healing from my first day of foolishness. The views were spectacular with wilderness and reflections off of the water everywhere.

The week went quickly with waterfalls galore, demonstrations by great artists such as John McDonald and not a minute free of opportunities to paint. Several artists gathered to do portraiture in the main hall every evening and I did my first plein air Nocturne - a painting done at night in Saranac not finishing until past 11PM. The only thing I thought we would lack was enough panels to keep going - but Eric never let that well run dry either!

The single most exciting experience of this trip was our venture deep into the grounds of the Ausable Club in search of the elusive "Rainbow Falls". Having visited a local gallery the owner told us about these falls that we had not heard of. He explained how to get there but it involved a 7 mile hike! I wouldn't have gone along with this except for the fact that 2 ladies who are about my age were following us in their car and said "Let's go!!" so of course, I couldn't back out...

Fellow artists Lynda Pyka from Los Angeles and Rhonda McCay of Colorado, who hiked like soldiers, set the pace while Eric, his fun son Brady and myself did our best to keep up. Fortunately, after a couple of miles a car came by. It seems some "club member" was having a reception up near the end of the road at the lake and they agreed to take our gear so we wouldn't have to shlep it all the way. Cool. Then a mile or so later a truck came by, the ladies spoke up again, and we all piled into the back. Great!

Once we arrived at the lake we got our equipment and returned to hiking through rugged terrain and a creek bed. It is getting late now as we finally arrive at these wonderful falls in a steep, narrow, rocky canyon. Knowing we don't have much time I set my cell phone alarm for one hour and we all start painting like crazy. The alarm goes off way too soon but we pack up and head for the road out.

As we reach the lake it starts to rain a bit as we prepare for the long hike out while darkness is already closing in. The party is going full bore so we can't expect any rides out either. Fortunately, after a couple miles of hiking a truck passes us going in, the driver hangs his head out the window and says "I'll be coming back in 15 minutes and I'll give you a lift". YAY! There are still hints of light as we get back to the car and back on our way to the college. To top it all off we find a great Mexican restaurant on our way and celebrate our great day's adventure appropriately!

Rainbow Falls - 9x12 - Available